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We at Re-set have the vision to be a ♻️ zero impact activewear brand in Australia. Although it is impossible to offset the use of water, energy and other resources to manufacture a product; these are few steps we have taken to launch our first, recycled activewear collection:


Circular fashion prioritizes sustainability and longevity in production, minimizing waste at all stages. At Re-set, we adopt a policy of repair and redesign, moving away from a linear product life cycle towards a circular process. This approach challenges the traditional linear economy, where materials are extracted, used, and discarded, contributing to land, water, and chemical use, as well as pollution. Instead, we aim for a sustainable solution to fashion production.


At Re-set we revolutionized the product development process by embracing digital tools. We created digital mood boards and 3D samples, eliminating the need for physically produced prototypes that often get redesigned and reshipped multiple times, wasting resources and funds. Our innovative approach streamlines product development, reducing waste and preserving our planet.


Our factories are more than just production partners. They are change-makers in the fashion industry, certified by renowned auditing bodies and committed to ethical wages and safe working conditions. These facilities embody a continuous improvement mindset, embracing lean manufacturing principles and a Kaizen culture. From investing in clean energy solutions to implementing innovative waste reduction techniques, our factories share our vision for a sustainable fashion future.


At Re-set, affordability meets sustainability. Our products are crafted from recycled materials and fabrics that would have otherwise gone to waste, reducing our impact on the environment and keeping prices accessible. By using a sustainable material for multiple product categories, we achieve efficient capacity planning and material cost savings, without sacrificing quality. Join us in embracing a better way of fashion.


At Re-set, we take a unique approach to retail. Rather than building brick and mortar stores, we collaborate with local community shops and have a robust online presence to bring our sustainable fashion to the masses. We are a tight-knit group of like-minded individuals, coming together to bring our vision for a better fashion future to life. With the guidance and support of sustainability experts from around the world, we strive to maximize the impact of our mission. Join us in creating a sustainable future, one stitch at a time.


Let's start with your shopping habits. We want to hear your thoughts on our sustainable business model. Are you feeling inspired and ready to join the movement? Let's chat and make a positive impact together!