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Launch your branded activewear

Get custom activewear printed on-demand with no minimum order requirement.

In 3 SImple Steps...

Apply to Join


Our partner program welcomes both influencers and fitness professionals to join and take advantage of exclusive benefits, including free access to an online store for selling their branded products.

Read our offer and the FAQS below for more info.

Design your Product

Step 2

Utilise our wholesale online platform to choose, design, and calculate the cost of your product. Share with us the desired markup and additional information you'd like to include when retailing the products, and we will customize your product page to perfectly align with your preferences.



Effectively promote your product page within your community. Gain access to our real-time sales dashboard, allowing you to monitor your sales. Rest assured, Reset will handle all order fulfillment and customer services on your behalf. Generate sales and earn your desired markup for every successful transaction.


At Reset, we don't just offer the convenience of no minimum order quantity. In fact, you don't even have to purchase any of our activewear products.

Simply share your brand logo with us, and we'll digitally add it onto the products you've selected. Then, we'll feature them on your customised affiliate product page, where you can earn your preferred commission on sales.

Please note that you'll need to be approved as a reset affiliate to take advantage of this opportunity.

  • Free web-store
  • No upfront purchases
  • No hidden fees
  • No minimum order quantity requirement
  • Share your brand logo and we'll add it to your selected products
  • We'll feature your customized products on your own affiliate webpage.
  • Get realtime sales information
  • We handle all the order fulfillment and customer service
  • 30-day cookie period

Check out the two links below - one for influencers who simply want to promote the product without requiring printing, and the other for trainers who do require printing.

Influencer Page: Vicky
Brand Page: Fresh Fitness


How it works…

Simply apply to our program and we’ll review. Once accepted you’ll be able to access our text links and HTMLs.


Although we encourage all sites to apply, we will not approve your application if you have any offensive material.

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