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Sustainable Athletic wear: Why you should choose Reset21 to print your logo onto it

We are in a new era of sustainability and consumers are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment. As a result, people are making more conscious choices in their shopping habits and are more inclined to purchase items that have been sustainably and ethically made. Therefore, if you are sourcing a company to print your logo onto sustainable athletic wear you should undeniably consider a sustainable business such as Reset21.

Not only is it important for companies to consider this for their consumers, sustainability needs to become a core component of your brand. Using Reset21 to print your logo onto their sustainable activewear allows you to be more transparent with consumers as you can confidentially say that your products will allow them to consciously feel good, without compromising on the appearance or quality. Our garments are made from sustainable materials such as hemp, organic cotton, and recycled plastics. These materials have a significantly lower ecological footprint, while maintaining the stretch and durability.

Take a look at the custom-made set for one of the most sought-after dance studios in Adelaide called TIDC. This set was made to their size, colour and shape requirements and then branded with their logo. Reset21 has provided similar sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing services to yoga, fitness studios, and gyms before. Consequently, we are experts in ensuring that the printing is done to the highest standard as it is no secret that these garments will have to be washed more than your everyday wear.

We can offer branded printing for individuals, corporate, fitness/dance studios and everything in between. It is not only important to show your brand logo, but also printing onto sustainable clothing shows what your brand stands for.  

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