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Recycled polyester clothing - why should you purchase it?


Anyone who is passionate about the environment, or just has social media, will rightly avoid single-use plastic to reduce their plastic footprint. Global campaigns, pictures of marine animals entangled in litter and astonishing facts about microplastics have all contributed to public avoidance of single-use plastic.

We have all learnt to reuse plastic bags, ditch plastic water bottles and generally recycle our household waste. However, a lesser-known evil in the plastic pollution problem is the impact of the fashion industry. Plastic is perfect for creating athleisure clothes as it allows garments to stretch, increases durability and makes your clothes more resistant. Yet, it is these exact qualities that make it so harmful if the plastic is not disposed of correctly.

Recycled polyester is the perfect solution for the material that would otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. The production of recycled polyester does not involve extracting crude oil and other natural resources from the Earth. Further, it uses 59% less energy than the production of virgin polyester, according to a study in 2017 by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. Essentially, the fibres in recycled polyester can be used indefinitely, as long as they are cared for correctly.


Reset21 athleisure. Sports bra and Leggings made from recycled nylon.


While it appears that avoiding plastic has infiltrated every part of our daily lives, it is getting easier to make conscious choices and reset your shopping habits. Purchasing athleisure recycled polyester clothing and natural materials is one way to reduce your impact on the environment. It also helps when brands like Reset21 strive to incorporate sustainability into every part of the supply chain.

Supporting brands that are driven by social and environmental sustainability allow you to physically – and consciously – feel good.

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