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Sustainable Activewear? Why RESET21?

🌍 Our Mother Earth is our beautiful home and without her, we don’t exist. We can all make a difference in cleaning this place we call home through our sustainable efforts… not just today, but every day!

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300 million tons of plastic waste is produced every year. 91% of this plastic is never recycled. And only 1% of all textiles are made with recycled materials. So, what does this mean for you and Mother Earth?

It means you have a unique opportunity to make a real difference in the world by doing something good for our planet. And it can start with something as simple as the activewear you choose to wear while working out or casually moving throughout your day.

Introducing RESET 21

Founded in 2021, RESET 21 Sustainable Activewear was born with one central focus in mind to create a sustainable activewear brand that’s driven by social and environmental sustainability. Instead of relying on mass-produced, unsustainable, and even unethical fashion choices, now you have a new activewear alternative you can  consciously – and physically – feel good about. 

 The entire Reset21  line is carefully made from 100% recycled and plant-based materials only. By being highly selective in the way we manufacture our multi-purpose activewear pieces, we’ve been able to reduce costs and pass this savings on to you. The end result?

A sustainable activewear brand that’s not only highly affordable and durable, but also looks amazing and gives you the extra comfort and support you deserve. And since our exclusive products are made from recycled polyester or plant-based materials only, they can either be fully recycled or safely composted back into Mother Earth herself in a safe, natural and non-polluting way. 

 Are you ready to RESET your activewear choices and your own state of consciousness when it comes to preserving Mother Earth?

 Now you can... Thanks to RESET21!

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